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How do I get ready for the test?

We hear this question often.  You have graduated from class and your test is right around the corner.  Panic time!  Do you know the skills?  What if you forget a step?  What supplies do you need?  The questions are endless and probably keep you up at night.  Take a breath and relax.  You are probably more prepared than you think you are.  But just in case…keep reading!

The problem is not you.  The problem is that you don’t know what to expect.

  • What if you could see what the clinical test was going to look like before you got there?
  • What if you could see all of the skills performed the way they are supposed to be done?
  • What if you could take a practice test that explained both the right and wrong answers?
  • Would that help?

I’m betting that it would!  In fact, I am sure it would help you, because it has helped thousands of students just like you, stressed out about the test and confused about where to turn for help.  You need a reliable resource, a place you can ask questions and get real answers, a helping hand to show exactly what the state expects from you.  We are here for you.

Our skills videos were developed by an RN with years of experience with the testing process.  Through exhaustive research, we have developed skills videos, a skills book “CNA Skills Made Easy”, practice kits and a practice test to prepare you for the exam.  Can’t wait to get started? Go to – click on the “FREE STUFF” link at the top of the page and select Skills Videos- and watch our skills videos for step-by-step instructions on how to perform the CNA skills for FREE!  There are three types of videos for each skill:  Introduction, Instructional and Demonstrational.  The Introduction will tell you WHY certain steps are important, the Instructional will tell you exactly HOW to do the steps and the Demonstrational video will show you exactly what the skill should look like when you perform it for the test and shows you how to talk to the patient.

Then, click on the “FREE STUFF” link to select the “Online Workbook” link to use the FREE online workbook that will help you prepare for your new career.  While there, you can also purchase our other resources, like skills books, textbooks, and practice kits.

You can access our online practice test at for only $10 for 30 days unlimited access. It is presented in a sixty question format (just like the state exam) but will provide feedback for both the right and the wrong answers. Each time you access the test, it will be different because your test is drawn from a pool of over 200 questions, so no two tests are exactly alike!  While you are there, check out our online certification courses for Home health aide (HHA), 4 Hour Medication Assistance (Med Tech) and EKG technician. These low-cost, short-term certification courses will give your medical career a boost, open up more job opportunities and possibly result in a pay increase!

Stay tuned!


Author: Patricia Ramsey, RN

Patricia Ramsey is a Registered Nurse in Florida. She has over 24 years of nursing experience in a wide variety of settings, including home care, physician's office and emergency care clinic, critical care, and nursing home/rehab. Click here to learn more!

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